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Wolfe Dye & Bleach Works, Inc.

25 Ridge Rd
Shoemakersville, PA 19555

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Phone: 610-562-7639

About Our Company

Primary Industry Classification: Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills
Secondary Industry Classification: Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills
Established: 1902
For over a century, Wolfe Dye & Bleach Works, located in Shoemakersville, PA, has been a family-owned business, one of the oldest in the country. By combining technology, service, and tradition we have successfully led the pack in the textile commission dyeing and finishing industry. Much of our success is attributed to our experienced and dedicated management team and employees. We have a strong commitment to customer service and quality control and are thankful for the tremendous support from our valued suppliers. Wolfe Dye & Bleach Works provides custom dyeing, bleaching, and finishing solutions for large and small companies. We take pride in our dedication to minimizing our environmental impact through environmentally-friendly processing selections. Our history shows that we are in it for the long run. Contact us to see what we can do for your business.

Our Capabilities

Finishing specializing in Dyeing and Bleaching
Services specializing in Lab testing services

What Makes Us Unique

Materials List: Fibers - Man-made, Fibers - Natural

Industries We Serve

Specializing in dyed and finished fabric
With a typical monthly production volume of